Use Field Display instead of Id - Not working

On calling an api, I am expecting to see the Field Display instead of the unique ID, after checking the field in the API Setup. However I getting the unique ID and can’t seem to understand where I have gone wrong.

The related Field is set to display the corp_number:

The api settings seem to be correct as per documentation:

However the API return gives me the unique product key instead of the corp num (320):

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong.

Thank you for your time.

I guess you’re calling the client table (or maybe another table) and then the records in that table are linking through to the corp_client table and the product table?

The ‘Use field display instead of ID for key names’ is only referencing the field names for the table that you’re calling. It doesn’t do anything to address the contents of the fields themselves.

If any of your records in that table are linking through to other tables you’re only going to get the uniqueID returned. So you’d need to similarly make calls to those tables to join the dots.

The reason for this is that the linked tables probably have a bunch of their own fields, so it wouldn’t know which one to return - even though for you it’s probably obvious that its name or something like that.

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Ok that makes sense and I can now move forward. Thank you so much for your assistance.

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