Use the same database for 2 different apps

can I use the same database for 2 apps… its a sports center booking app. so the sports center has a business app where they monitor their availabilities and bookings. and users log in to the user app to book the venue and timeslots.
is this possible? PLEASE HELP…

It’s possible using Bubble data and/or workflow APIs. It is also possible to just make it all on the same Bubble site, just have separate user login and business login (either on the same page or different landing pages), and use privacy rules to restrict data for the right type of user.

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2 apps 2 diff dBs that can be connected as @deadpoetnsp suggested

1 app 1 dB different user roles, diff pages one domain if needed, or have 2 domains with one pointing to the one housing the app .

… the function that you kindly describe seems like it falls into 1 app, 1 dB, diff mktg pages, diff logged-in environments per user role (app admin, sport ctr customer, sport ctr employee, etc)

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