User accounts problem

So I’m having a problem that when a user signs up it does not show their account. A user told me that he signed up 3 times and it does not display but when I create accounts it displays.

We’re going to need more information here. Or better yet, post the URL where people can sign up and see if we are able to successfully register.

Just out of curiosity. Do you have password requirements set? Like require a capital letter, require a number, etc.

Also, I agree that sharing your login workflow might be helpful or allowing us to try to sign up in your test version would be helpful in troubleshooting.

The first one is the login and the second on is the admin panel

Looks like it worked fine for me. I was able to request access, then using the admin panel, grant access.

Because when people create a account I can’t see them on the repeating group. I can only see me when I create a account.

you might want to check if your repeating group is set to only list “current user”. If thats the case then it will only show you (the current user).

We’ll need to see editor to confirm.

So it could just mean that you need to change information needed to be displayed to “Users” and data source" Do a search for Users"

If you want to see if a user has “logged in”

You will need to create a data field in user that changes whenever the user is logged in. And then filter your repeating group to those with that field filled into to the specification.

For example,

You would need to create a workflow “when button login is clicked”:

  1. Log user in
    2)make changes to current user --> Login status value is “Logged In”

For your repeating group you would filter it so that those displayed would be users with the field “Login Status” as “Logged In”

You would do the reverse when a person logs out. and make sure they change the “Login status” field to “Logged out”

Ok I will try to create a workflow because this never happened before. It started happening when I updated to the new bubble version.

I seem to be having the same login problems… Now I am getting this error message

Sorry, your login session has changed / expired… please try again

I talked to one of my members and he said that he could log in but then he logs out and logs in again it will say can’t find user.

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