Can't seem to see any users i've created after adding user roles

New Bubbler here
so at first when I was testing my sign up I would see the users I made in the appdata tab but after adding user roles all of them have dissapeared, I tried messing with the privacy settings but I couldn’t figure it out. tried removint the user roles but that didn’t help either. Tried removing the privacy rules all together but that still didn’t work. I hope these pictures help.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Hi there, @markas3334… if you are not seeing your users on the App data tab, first, try refreshing the editor. Second, make sure some users have actually signed up. And third, make sure you are looking at the correct database. With regard to the latter, you are looking at the development database, but maybe the users are signing up in the live app and you should be looking at the live database?

All of the above being said, your users shouldn’t have (or really couldn’t have) disappeared just because you added roles, so we gotta dig deeper here.


Are you sure you haven’t deleted all users accidentally via App Data or some workflow?
Have you tried to reproduce the same behaviour again?

I definently have users since when i make one with the same email it says that is already taken. i’ll try refreshing the editor now

i just needed to refresh the editor. thanks a lot and sorry for wasting yalls time.


That’s ok. While I haven’t had any issues with recently created things to be displayed in App Data - I had similar to yours problem with User data type.
Here is a similar topic:

Oh yeah… Bubble recently changed things so that now whenever Users are created they no longer appear in real time (either in your App or your editor data tab), and only become visible after a page refresh.

(although they told me this has always been the case - it hasn’t).

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Second this, I don’t remember having any issues with recently created users in App data before.

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For sure this has only been an issue since about 4-6 weeks ago (I’ve even got screenshot video recordings of one of my apps from 2 month’s ago proving this was not the case then), yet Bubble support told me (after speaking with the engineering team) this has always been the case due to how Users are created differently to other datatypes (as they are converted from temp users to signed up users).

To be honest it worries me… when even Bubble’s engineers don’t know how their own platform works.