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User created thing of type X should return all things of type Y in RG

Please see my test setup below the other test (about the tabs):

I have a Type ‘Room’ and a type ‘Item’. Type Room has a thing ‘Room (name)’ and creator and type ‘Item’ has ‘Category’, ‘Name’ and ‘Room’.

I want to display a list of Items filtered on Room because the list is too long to display all. I have already setup an Item list, so that Type is pretty static. The thing ‘Room’ in Type ‘Thing’ will not really change.

However, users can add their own room names to the Type ‘Room’.

The preset Rooms all retrieve Name’s from a certain Category but when a user creates a room, the ‘Room’ thing of Type ‘Item’ stays empty so the list of Items is not populating. (but if the dropdown is empty, it will show all items by default)

As you can see in the test, Kitchen is a known Room in Type ‘Item’ so it returns the connected Names. Same for Living Room. But the room ‘My Room’ is a new room and should display all items in the RG.

How do I setup the RG in a way that it would show ALL items by default UNLESS the dropdown is a Room that is a ‘Room’ in the Item type?

hm, it seems like adding this condition does the trick. Could someone with a better Bubble understanding confirm if this is how to set something like this up? thanks :smile: