User Data deleted everyday

I deployed my app to live.
A user has registered and inserted data into the app.
After some hours I see that the field Created By gets deleted so user is not more able to see his data.
Do it happens because of this?

i now switched to everyone can edit, but previously it was “private app”.

is the 3rd time user register and insert data and then it gets deleted

Set it back to “Private” cause that’s only for letting other people edit your app.

Are you sure the user went through the registration process and logged in? If a user isn’t logged in and you don’t have any procedures in place to redirect them away from the page, then they can navigate and create data in your database.

Since they aren’t logged in they are a temporary user that gets deleted after a while. By them making an account it would save them as User in your database

Previously, when edited it was a registered user and data went deleted too.
If i use anyone can edit what this means?
I can’t find documentation

Did you even look? General - Bubble Docs

absolutely, but is not much clear:

Application rights

Define who can see and modify the app. Choose from Private app, Everyone can view, and Everyone can edit. This can be useful when you need help from other users, through the forum for instance. This setting does not apply to the owner of the app.

Important: Making the app private will not prevent people from seeing it on the web in Live mode. To prevent unauthorized users, apply a username and password.

What are you asking exactly?

I can’t understand why user data got deleted, and registered user got deleted after midnight

Did the user actually complete sign up process, and you see their User in the database?

Keep your app on “Private” , that setting is to have other people edit your actual app (workflows, design, etc.)

Is it possible that you may have exceeded the allotted amount of data in your plan?

No no I am on a paying plan

I’ll check next days, Thanks, I’ll update you guys

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