User Data Disappeared for One Data Type (anyone else?)

Anyone else randomly see all user data disappear for one data type?

I use two different development modes, and all the data (for one data type) was completely wiped out in my Second Development versions. Thankfully it’s all in my Dev2 version and not true live user data. However, I’m terrified to push new changes to live before I figure out why this happened.

I’ve created no new workflows that would do this. Also, it’s all in sync with live and if it was a workflow I created to mass delete - it would reflect in live too. Which makes me think it’s some type of bug.

UPDATE: My plan allows me to restore the DB for 30 days. I used and saw the data recently, so I know it was there inside 30 days.

The restore did not bring the data back.

By “modes”, I assume you mean “versions”?

I’m a little confused, as I thought all dev versions (in plans which support multiple dev versions) shared the same dev database. IOW, while there can be numerous dev versions of the app structure and logic, there are only ever 2 copies of the data itself - live and dev.

If you have a situation where the data differs between two dev versions, I’d say that warrants a bug report.

Or am I misunderstanding something?


You are spot on. Data is missing from my development version. Missing from both development versions. Live is OK.

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