Trying to verify with and without data

So, I have things working well. But I need to verify that a bitcoin address is real. I am using the api for The api works fine. Bubble works fine, except that I cant figure out how to verify that the address the user entered is valid.

So, if the user enters a valid address with something in it, the response will be something like:

However, the person enters an address with no activity, I wont get anything, but I wont get an error either:

Unfortunately, that is also the case if you send a bad bitcoin address altogether.

The solution is to send a few sats to the bitcoin address before it is used. This is an untenable solution for this as we will be making a lot of addresses for this.

Alternatively I could verify that the address is valid IN BUBBLE. That sounds like a total pain.

this is how you would do it in python (nevermind that there are libraries that just do this) Bitcoin Address Validation on Python | by Burakcan Ekici | Coinmonks | Medium

Any ideas?