New Plugin Released! USPS Address Validation / Verification

We have just released a new PLUGIN that will validate/verify an address against the USPS (United States Postal Service) address database. The plugin provides an ACTION that can be used to send your address fields (Street Address, Apt/Unit, City, State, Zip5, and Zip4) to the USPS address database, and the database will return the correct/complete address.

This plugin requires a USPS username, which can be obtained very easily for free via the USPS website.

Use this link: USPS REGISTRATION (Get your USERNAME and PASSWORD here)

Also, there is a DEMO page that DOES NOT require you to sign up with the USPS:

Instructions are also provided on the DEMO site, or you can use this link:


hello, I tried using this plugin. registered on usps and entered the username… can’t get the plugin to return a valid address. the response is empty. is this plugin still functioning???