User Interests Data

I’m having difficulties with incorporating some data as well as setting It up. I’m very new and a lot of this is confusing even after watching videos.
First, I want to create list of interests that users can check/uncheck, then I would like for that data to be inserted into a database where I can see what users clicked what interests. Is this possible and if so what is the best solution for accomplishing this?

Yes, it’s possible. You can sign-up on our site to see an example that’s done in Bubble.

Lots of ways to do this. Details depend on how else you’re using the data. On our site, I believe we run a workflow each time an interest is clicked/unclicked to add/remove that interest from a list of interest’s that we store on the user’s table.

@sridharan.s thank you for your response! I will check out the website!

How did you accomplish doing this?

@NigelG would you know how to do this?

As Scott says, have a table with a list of interests.

When you click on one, then either add/remove from the database or a custom state.

Similar to here.

I have created a table but when I go into the workflow I am not seeing an area to add/remove from database.

You will need a field on your user, which is a list, to hold the Interests.

Add/Remove from that.

I think this way is adding the interests to a user as opposed to adding users under a specific interest. Does that make sense?

My original thought was to create a button for each list (cooking, dancing, etc.)and when they click the button for the specific interest their email or user id is imputed into a database specifically for that interest.
I understand to create a workflow for each button but when I create a large database of interests with several interests included and go into set the command as make changes to a list of things. I get lost on what to do.

I hope this all makes sense. thanks for your help Ive been struggling with this for about 2 days now.

You could add users to an interest, or you could add interests to a user. Either way, you can pull a list of users with a particular interest out of the database.

My guess is that this is what’s causing confusion. I think you’ll want to make changes to one thing (the Interest). The change that you want to make is to add the current user to the Users With This Interest field of the Interest.

In the past I’ve used the MultiDropdown plugin for something similar. The Source would be your table of Interests, and they can select and deselect as they see fit. They when they hit Save (one button, instead of one per interest), you can add this list of Interests to the User (List of Interests field) or you can add the user to each of the Interests (Users With This Interest)

Still new to this myself, but just some ideas!

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Thank you the multi select was able to able help a lot. How did you connect the interests selected to the save button and then use that to save to the Users with This Interest? Would I have to create a new table with each each interest?