Registering event attendance/interest) - how to setup?

I am building an events app - which is mostly going very well.
However I want to add the function for users to register interest in events the see in the app.

Ideally this would generate a list for users to access of all events they registered interested in, whilst also allowing the event admin to see a list of who is attending each event.

What is the best way to do this? Would it technically be two different data sets (One being events interested in, and another being attached to the event?).

Finding myself a little stuck here and some direction would be really appreciated.

I’d add a data field to the event data type, something like “usersInterested”. Then when they click a button to register interest, a workflow would add them to that list. Reversely, you can add a data field to the User data type with eventsInterested, which would be a list of events.

Does that help?



Yeah I thought it would be that but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to spend ages trying if there was a simpler way I wasn’t seeing. I’d just make it so the workflow would update both data fields when clicking button then right? Makes sense.

Hi @talbotnar , I have been trying to do this as well. I have already created two fields within data type:

  1. Data Type User: Data field’s such as
    a) ‘Saved Events’ &
    b) ‘Events to be Attended’

  2. Data Type Event: Data Field’s such as
    a) “Interested Users”
    b) “Attendees”

The question now is what should be the workflow:

  1. when a user will click on an Icon to ‘save the event’
  2. when user will click a button to ‘attend the event’

Outcomes I need are"
(A) Register*( or Save)* an Event within User’s List of “Events to be attended (or Saved)” and
(B) For Events “List of Attendees ( or Interested)” to be updated in the database?

Should I create a new thing? to get the workflow to do this? Below are two screenshots in what I’m trying to do , a bit stuck here if its the right way to do it.

Could you please suggest? Thank you!

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