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Data sending not working

I’m trying to make a profile page for users so I created the page with a data source of a user. When I open it though I can’t get the profile page elements to show up at all; it says it’s passing in the data. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?


Can you show us some screenshots?

Do you have conditions on the elements? What are the data sources for the elements on the page - current page user X?

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Check the privacy settings of the user data type in your data tab

Remove it if this is the case until you are more familiar with Bubble :grinning:

All data is set to publicly visible and it is still not working @cmarchan. Do you have any other ideas?

@Nocodify sorry I took so long to respond, I got distracted by other things to do on bubble. Here is a screenshot showing everything on the page. When I try to pass in data all of the fields are empty, but the header and footer are working fine. There are no conditions on the elements. I don’t know what you mean by “current page user X” but I can tell you that the page user data I’m trying to pass in is the current user. It does not seem to work with any user however.

I figured it out. On this page I had a one large group that held the everything in it. I had the pages data sent to user and the groups data also sent to user. However, I had the group data source set to parent groups user instead of page user. Thanks for the help!

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