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User Profile switching

The users of my app may have more than one account/profile.
I want them to be able to switch between them easily without having to re-enter credentials each time they want to switch.
Is the a way of linking users or saving another users credentials safely in the database?

Hi @dean2,
I don’t know your specific use-case, but maybe instead of different accounts you could introduce different roles/profile types as a field on User data type and build your logic around it? Or do you need completely different email/password etc altogether?

Hi @alanpieczonka yes the users will have different emails for each account, like a work account and a personal account. similar like Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, possible.

Like admin have all privileges to get all the users. Same way you need to construct the privacy rules for the database accessing.
For this case you don’t need to enter the password credentials to access the other user account.

Just add new page with user datatype.

Hi @mani2726 can you expand a little further on what you mean?

For example: You are the one of the user. And your email id is [email protected] Add privacy rule like “current user is email [email protected]” to the relevant user tables. So that [email protected] have all privileges to access your database user table.

Just create new page with user datatype. Add new element for showing current page user email.

After login with [email protected] access the page with passing any user uniqueid. You can get the email of that user from the page.