Database questions about user create from"creating from someone else method"

i create an account using “creating account for someone else” method hoping that we can share the same database but found out the opposite(we cant share database). is this correct or i just make a mistake.


What do you mean by share the same database?… (your app only has one database)

For testing purposes, I log into my apps and add a user. The intention is to share the data that we create, but the problem is that the user cannot see my data, and I cannot see the user’s data either. It’s important to note that the workflow of adding a user follows the “create for someone else account” process. Please note that during my initial test, when I logged in using different accounts, all users were able to see each other’s data. To address this issue, I added a “current user” parameter when creating a new entry. This modification ensured that each user can only see their own data. However, when I add a user using the “create for someone else account” approach, this problem occurs again

thanks for the help.

Yes you can…

If you can’t see other users data it’s probably because of your privacy rules for the User datatype, so take a look at those and make some adjustments to allow other users to see some of other users data.

hi sorry i edited my inquiry awhile ago, is your answer still relevent on my revise questions.


What data are you talking about? user data or other data types?

im talking about other data types.


And what exactly is the issue? (It’s not too clear from you question)…

Do you have a specific example of what you’re trying to do, and what’s not working as expected?

Or, better still, a link to your app and/or editor?

When launching and testing my apps, I log on to several accounts to check for problems or bugs. The first issue I encountered was that all user accounts could see each other’s data like customer information and activities etc. To address this problem, I followed a YouTube tutorial that suggested including the current user parameter when creating a new thing or customer info, as shown in the attached screenshot. This solution worked, as each user could no longer access each other’s data.

However, when I logged in and added a user using the “creating someone else’s account” method, for example if i add my secretary to my account to work together on tasks within a single account, a new problem arose. My secretary couldn’t see the data I created, and likewise, I couldn’t see my secretary’s data.

my questions is:

  1. is the yt video correct
  2. if i use the “creating someone else account” method, does each account see each others data they created.

thanks for your help.

yt video so that accounts cant see each other data.

screeshot i follow in including current user in “making a thing”

Whist that will definitely work to only show users their own data, it’s not as secure as using privacy rules - so I would definitely suggest setting up privacy rules on your data as well.

I thought that’s exactly what you wanted (you said you don’t want users to be able to see each other’s data)….

Or are you saying you do want users to be able to see each other’s data?

so privacy rules is the best way to go. ok ill check.thanks