User search timeout behavior and "temporary bug" error

Dear forum,

I’ve recently launched a SEARCH app, that helps industry professionals find medical devices that are listed on FDA databases. It’s live with active users. My database contains >160K devices.

When users perform “big” searches, that return a large number of results (more than a few hundreds), Bubble times-out after about 30 seconds, showing this error message:

Bubble timeout error msg

So I’m working to improve my search logic and workflow (daisy chain), and this post is not about performance , but rather about the following mysterious behavior:

I am keeping a record of my users’ search activity through a data type called “Search”. In it, specific fields keep a record of users’ entries into the input elements on the search page. This is done via the last step of my search daisy chain, where there’s a workflow step that creates a new Search thing, capturing the user entries into the search boxes AS WELL AS the number of search results which Bubble found (Search results num= RG List of texts:count (PS: the RG is a list of texts because it displays items from 2 different data types)):

And now the strange part: even though Bubble times out in large searches, it still records the number o results which SHOULD HAVE BEEN displayed to the user, but weren’t (cuz of the timeout). I can see this by looking at the Search data type in App Data, under the field I have that captures the number of results:

In the above image I have highlighted the number of search results which Bubble found, and which SHOULD HAVE BEEN displayed to the user (in the RG), in a search that actually timed out.

So, my question is: if Bubble knows how many results the search yields, why does it not display them to the user?!?

Hope this was clear enough and that one/some of you will find it interesting enough to address…THANKS in advance!

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