How to set up users for single page app

How can we differentiate users, when we sign them up on a single page app?
I am trying so many combinations but just cant get it :confused:
If anyone can shed light in this area I would be immensely greatful :slight_smile:

Users sign up but I need to differentiate my businesses and general users. I know how to do this using multiple pages etc, but i am attempting to do it all on one page

Hi @quickconnexions

Please have a look at my reply for another bubble member had a similar issue as yours, let me know if you can customize my reply to your own benefit/scenario.

Hi mxolispin,

I tried this implementing this a couple days ago :slight_smile: unfortunately I was finding it hard to separate what was shown on load.
I had the users inputs displaying even if I selected business user in the drop down.

To try and find a solution I made 2 separate data types (business, and regUser) and had there inputs on sign up adding to the db fine. The problem was the display on load after, even after calling business name as an example to fill a text box it would leave itself blank? Where as if I sign in as user with the same values all fields display correctly.
I will give your suggestion another go in the morning though, hopefully its something some i have overlooked :smiley: thank you

Hi @quickconnexions

Iโ€™m only seeing your message now. Have you come right with the challenge in topic? If not-let me know and Iโ€™ll create an example for you.

Kind Regards

Hi @mxolisipn,

Not the best idea, but I basically gave up and decided to just run 2 separate menus which load on sign up condition for each user type. For the most part it works ok, but having done so i noticed a lag now.
Thank you anyway for your response :slight_smile: appreciate the help regardless

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