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Users Fullname won't show?

Hi all,

I have a popup here that has info for receipts for my organisation. In each, there is a Staff Receiving which is just a User. However, when I ask it to pull the fullname from the user it won’t show in the action view of the data, yet it knows the user.

Above is the editor

Below is the live data which isn’t showing the names;

Can anyone help?

Hi @jamesmeeds, check your Privacy Rules

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Kindly ensure the data is empty or check privacy rules for this field from bubble app editor

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Hi both, thanks for the fast reply!

I’ve checked and both “User” and “ReceiptsForProperty”. I have no rules restricting this.

I think staffreceiving is user.

Please check the user table of fullname field is empty from database. If it is empty then it will show empty

And then check the field is visible on bubble editor and check the conditions

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