Implementing a landing page

Hi Guys!

My question is, is there a way that I can implement a landing page into my app? The landing page was created for me by a background checking company and is part of my sign up process, butI don’t know how to add it to my app. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Just create a new Bubble page and build it to your requirements

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Thank you for your help once again. However, the landing page has already been built by a screening company I just don’t know how to add it to my app without having to send a link to users. Any solution?

You are a bubbler now :grinning:. Why send your users somewhere else?

When they reach your replicated landing page you can

  • sign them to your app if you want
  • if you don’t want sign ups then you can collect their information in your Bubble database and do many other things with it
  • send them emails
  • etc etc

Replicate that landing page pretty fast in Bubble using their visual assets (pics, photos, copy, etc)

If you don’t want the above then you will have to connect them and manage them separately. Send bubble visitors to that landing page using the action “go to page” or the action “open an external website “ or using a link element.

Well, this is a background screening company (warrants, criminal record checks etc.) I don’t have access to police databases so this has to be outsourced. Of course I can build the landing page, however, I don’t have access to their resources so essentially I’d be sending my users nowhere.

I see.

Use an html element as big as a new Bubble page that you should create, and try to display that landing page using iframe html code and that lander url. Lookup for that code in this forum or just Google it.

If it does not render then try asking them for embed code that you can add to the html element and try that.

Thank you!

Back on my pc. This is code that could help:

Thank you for all your help. I’ve tried several different iframe codes and nothing shows up. The page is always blank. I think I may have to settle for a link in a pop-up.


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