App needs refresh to see changes

Hey, my app suddenly stopped live-reloading data when it changes in the database.
I have multiple versions of the app, Development, Live, PlantUML etc
It seems to work on development & live versions, but not on any other versions.

I made a video demo Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

You can see in the video, I am changing the name of a diagram and it doesnt refresh automatically, only when I reload the page it changes the name. It happens on all pages.

I tried doing a simple text with a “Do A Search For” and it still doesnt change until I hard refresh the page, again, this only seems broken on non-default versions of the app.


yes. Same issue here

Same. Have had this issue for days now and Bubble has not responded.

I might be wrong. But this seems to happen randomly in some apps and moments. I already saw a lot of people complaining about it here in the forum. I don’t know if it will be fixed automatically or it is a lost case. I never saw anyone comming here with a solution report.

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For me it works in dev & live version fine, just not in any additional versions

Yes looks like the alternate dev version (the main one I work in) is the one having issues with refresh.

Same problem with my second dev version but no main issues with the live version.

I have the same issue in a mobile app. App is not refreshing randomly. Need to restart the app.

Looks like Bubble fixed the issue, it seems to be working for me now

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