Using an "access code" to login instead of password?

Hey everyone,

I have an app where a company management team are able to add new users i.e. their employees to the app and an “access code” is generated.

I have set all this up and made a data field call “access code”, although now I’m building the employee login and wondering how I can set it up so the employee user can login with this access code that the company management has sent them? Obviously they haven’t set up a password or anything yet and not followed a link, so not sure if this is actually possible.

Thanks in advance

You can create the new user, set the password as the “access code” and then require users to change password upon logging in.

Thanks for the fast response!

Which event do I use to set the password as the access code? I’ve currently got it so the company management team will add the new user which will trigger the “create an account for someone else” event, but obviously you can’t set a password in that event?

Why not just let the user create the new password the first time they log in. Add an extra field for access code and only allow the password to be created and the login to be successful if the access code for that user is correct.

After creating the account, next step is a temporary password, which will be the access code. Temp password has benefit of automatically requiring user to change password on login.

All that aside, unless there’s a reason to have the user created BEFORE before the user signs up (e.g., for admin to see the user in a list of users), @ken1’s idea is a better way to go.

Yeah thats the best conclusion I came up with, there isn’t any sensitive information in the employees side so wanted to have it as easy as possible for them to quickly access. But yeah I think I’ll go with @ken1 's idea although it would be nice to have a setting where you can actually access the passwords (obviously only if the information accessed was not sensitive) but I guess from bubbles perspective, they don’t ever want to give the backend users access to password data.

Thanks for the suggestions though guys @code-escapee @ken1