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Link element versus workflow - 2021

Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask you about a change I am going to make.
Until now, I’ve been using workflows “go to page …” when one of my groups was clicked.

However, i find several advantages that show that links elements might be better.
When on mobile, you can just swipe back to go to the previous page, which does not work with workflows. This way, your app really seems native.
Also, this thread of 2016 says that links are slightly faster than workflow (I don’t know if this is still true??).

Do you think adding link elements with no text (“invisible”) inside my groups, brought at the front, instead of using workflows, to go to other pages would be great and not slow down my app ?

What’s your opinion on this ??


I think links are preferable but it depends on the element. Buttons look better than links that are styled to look like buttons (mainly cos of the vertical alignment issues, though I’m sure some CSS can fix that).

Another benefit of links is the user can right click and open in new tab when on a desktop / laptop.

great, so it is ok to put “invisible” links over my groups’ elements instead of using a workflow “go to group …”

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Yeah you can. I can’t say if it’s a “good” idea in terms of performance. Bubble will have more elements to render though probably won’t make a difference if not too many elements on the page.

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From experience this is slightly faster and I do it too so good idea with invisible links.
Make sure to group the link element so that it stays with the rest of the elements even when screen width changes!

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Thanks you both for your answers, this is what I am going to do today!

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