Using bubble app connector

On my primary app i have a data type order which holds certain fields and on my secondary app i have a repeating group that shows the orders from the main app.

On my primary app i had an option set that showed whether an order was declined or accepted which allowed me to filter the orders, I want to have this same system on the secondary app but i cant change an option sets display on the secondary app and i am not able to link an option set to the data i am bringing over from the primary app to the secondary app.

I am lost and not sure how to go about this. Any help will be appreciated.

Can I ask why you’re using 2 apps? whats the ideal end state here?

One is a marketplace and the other is used for delivering the goods from the marketplace. I feel like having both on the same app would worsen the performance and i have to convert it to a native app as well.

I would recommend keeping it all in one app for sure.

If you want to link two apps like this via api you can, and you can just pass these values across but IMO its not ideal and you’ll get better performance through one app.

Back in Pre WU bubble when things werent elastic, having dedicated instances made sense at times, given its all elastic now it makes essentially no difference and will just overcomplicate your processes.

yes having it in one would be easier to work with but what about scalability obviously we will have less at the start but 4-5 different user types with 2 different ui on one single app will bubble be able to handle all of that? and when i have native versions are you sure it wont reduce performance?

Yeah you can pack a ton of complexity into a single app, its all elastic.

Without understanding your exact built etc I cant really give any specific advice, but I would recommend thinking about a few aspects:

Privacy rules, how would you be controlling these across apps
User profiles, would the users only be accessing one or the other apps?
Reporting / data management in general will be more complicated than it needs to be.

If you’d like to do a screen share session and go over your overall DB design send me a DM