Using Bubble to make a manufacturing quotes app

Before I invest the time to learn how, I’d like to find out if what I want to do is possible with this app. At this stage I’m not looking for help how, just to find out if this is the right solution for what I need.

I’d like to use Bubble to make an app that I can use to provide quotes to clients and to make work dockets for the factory floor.

The business I work for manufactures products with a number of variations, each of which affects the final price. Base product A has variants B and C, addons D, E and F, materials options, then shipping costs. Staff would need to use the Bubble app to select each option using drop-downs, radio buttons etc. The quotes would need to be searchable by client name or quote number.

My questions are:
• If a staff member recalls a prior quote, and the quote included using drop-downs and radio buttons, when the quote is recalled will the drop-downs and radio buttons automatically default to the saved values or can be made to do so?
• Can this data then be formatted into a pre-designed PDF for quote forms for emailing to the client or work dockets for the factory floor?

The ultimate goal is to work in CRM etc but at this stage just the above would be a huge benefit. It’s a very small business I work for and off-the-shelf products for what I need are aimed at larger businesses and cost more than we can justify.

Yes they can :smile: