Using Condition Expression to Show/Hide Element

Hi all,

I wanted to get some comments on what I’m doing wrong…

I’m building a document upload function in my app and I’m using the Mulit-file Upload feature of Bubble.

As part of the workflow, I want to the app to display Repeating Group that shows the list the files uploaded. However, if there is no files uploaded, or if the user later on decided to remove all the files, the Repeating Group will be hidden.

I tried to use a Condition feature to evaluate whether the Multi-File Uploader has any thing in it. So I use the Condition expression “Multi-fileUploader fundDoc’s value is not empty”. which evaluates it to a “Yes/No”. From my standpoint, I think that basically asks Bubble “Does the multi-file uploader have any files uploaded?”

But Bubble doesn’t accept that expression.


May I ask why? Am I misunderstanding what “value is not empty” means?

Have the count be “is 0” and if so to be visible or not (as preferred)

The element holds a list of files … that should be the reason :+1:

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Hi @cmarchan

Thanks! That seems to work. I used the following Condition Expression…


And the result is the following…

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