[Upgrade to Bubble Version 29] File uploader and “Clear list” fixes

Hi everyone,

My name is Kate, a product manager on our Editor team. We will be releasing a new Bubble Version to address file uploader and Clear list action behavior changes.

File uploader change
In previous versions, setting a conditional on the file uploader element to disable inputs while the element is loading would cancel any upload tried during the an inital process. For example, if you created the conditional “When FileUploader is loading is yes” and select the checkbox This input is disabled, the user would be able to upload a file but that file would not upload. This conditional would not disable the file uploader and there would be a broken record for the attempted upload in the file manager.

The new behavior, under the above conditions, will allow the initial upload to go through but prevent the user from interacting with the file uploader while the upload is in progress.

Clear list action
We’ve also made changes to the Clear list action for repeating groups. Previous versions sometimes had issues with the correct order of operations. For example, if you created a workflow that runs the action “Clear list” for a repeating group followed by “Create a new thing” action that references a repeating group and both actions make references to the same repeating group, the first action will not always complete before the second action runs.

The new behavior will ensure that the operation “Clear list” in a repeating group completes before any other action references that same list.

You can upgrade to the latest version in the Settings->Version tab.


this uploader issue was a real pain in the a for me last year but was using other workarounds. better late then nothing, thanks team

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After upgrading to v29, I discovered a bug in repeating group. Here is the situation:

A Repeating group inside another Group Focus and has an Option Set as source. Each cell has a text and an Icon element. The Icon is hidden on page load and only visible when a condition is met. In the condition we are comparing the current cell’s Option Set’s value (i.e. Icon’s parent’s Option Set’s value) to a Custom State of a group element on the same page outside Group Focus. Only when current cell’s Option Set’s value is equal to the Custom State of that group element, the Icon is visible.

However the Icon, despite its set hidden on page load, is visible on page load and only behaves as expected after selecting and unselecting a cell/row. In other words, once I select a cell and select some cell after that then only the previous cell’s icon is hidden.

I have done some troubleshooting the bug is still persists. Once reverted back to v28 everything is back to normal with same settings.

Kindly fix this so that I can upgrade.


After the new update was released, I started to encounter problems with my app that I was already completed and working completely fine. I have tried everything I can think of to rectify the issue but I can’t seem to fix it. Can someone please assist, this is causing delays to business.

  • Created information won’t save in the app data and repeating groups wont display.

If it’s causing delays to your business, just revert back to v28 until a fix has been made

@kate.mcnally Are there any plans to update the Multi-File Uploader? It’s been almost FOUR YEARS since Bubble removed the 50 MB limit on file uploads and the official multiuploader plugin still restricts the file size. It’s almost like you guys don’t want to make money from us using more storage space. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have tried to revert back to v28 and unfortunately the problem still persists.
I have contacted Bubble, I’m hoping there is a resolution.

considering storage space is much much cheaper on the new plans we were forced onto, this is indeed pretty weird :confused:

maybe the bubble team just doesn’t use the multi-uploader as much as you’d imagine

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There is a problem when displaying “Table” content with this version. Table content apears normally in the first visit, but if I back to former screen, and then revist it, the contents of this table will disapear.

It was solved by returing to the previous version

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I had the same issue as you @Lionot I followed your advice and get back to the previous version, and in deed it has been resolved.

The file uploader does not work, it load a broken file anyway

We are having the same problem here (repeating group inside of focus group no longer showing text fields). We reverted back to v28.

@kate.mcnally this needs to be fixed.

v29 broke one of my plugins (“RG Extractor” - used by ~150 projects) that pulls values out of a RG. Reverting to v28 makes it work again so yeah, clearly something really funny going on here with v29.

Yes I was having same issue, no repeating groups was showing in live version, I could not find the issue. I reverted back to v28 and all was working. There was no plugins on repeating groups, just looked like everything just slowed down.

Please fix before releasing it out again. Thank you.

Similar to what has already been posted, I had to downgrade back to v28. I use repeating groups heavily across my site and, in all instances, data would randomly not appear in some of the rows. A few page refreshes would usually fix missing rows but cause different rows to disappear. When using the inspect function in preview on the affected rows, it would say there is no data, despite the row above and below working just fine.

I got these error when upgrade to v29

this feature are use parameter to load data, but in the debug_mode works fine.

@kate.mcnally can you please share an update to the issues raised in this thread? We don’t plan to upgrade to v29 until you can chime back in here with a status update or list of known issues.


+1 please shed light into what steps are being taken here. Heavy usage of RG, critical to business for us

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