Using "display data" to display a second data type in popup

I have two data types: dt1 and dt2. dt1 has a field “list of dt2”.

I have a RG of dt1. Each RG cell has a link that shows a popup. Popup is of type dt2.

I think I should be able to avoid doing a search for a list of dt2 things to display in the popup since I already have that list - dt1’s field “list of dt2” - accessible via the current RG cell.

But in the popup’s data to display field I get an error when I try “current cell’s dt1’s list of dt2”

Can I get this done with Do I need to do a search?

I saw in an old forum post an implication that the data types of the RG and the Popup might need to match but (1) it wasn’t 100% clear and (2) that seems kinda silly if the RG’s content type has a field with a list of things matching the popup’s data type.

In my specific case I have a RG of type Upload. Uploads have a corresponding List of Reviews that I’m trying to display in the pop up.

Any help would be appreciated!

Set your pop-up with type dt1, and from the pop-up, you should be able to get the list of dt2 (current cell dt1 - > list of dt2)

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This worked great. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the simple solutions. Thank you.

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