Using info from other data to search data and fill out all the info in the data

So ATM I have a system where you can search a user and it brings up all their information (data A). Now, I have a repeating-group on the users profile of info from data B if the search-box input (data A) = the name on the report (data B). In the repeating-group it only displays the date of the report and the reason for report.

Now i’m trying to make it so the reason for report is clickable (thats not the problem I know how to do that) but, to have it open up a new popup (the same forum that users create the report) but instead it has text w/ dynamic data instead of inputs that displays all ~20 fields from data B. How can I make it so once you click on the reason for the report it opens the report popup with ALL the information regarding to that specific report? Thank you.

Discovered the solution. Search for data B > Constraint (name) = Searchbox search data a value’s name > data B value you want

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