Using Multi-Step Form For Database Storage and Retrieval

Hello everyone, this is a two-part question:

We’re looking to create a multi-step form to collect user information and segment them into categories so we can provide personalized recommendations.

We’ll have two questions that we will use for the segmentation. So if a user selects X and Y, they’ll be added to the category X + Y.

One issue that I’m having is, how do you track drop-offs from the multi-step form. So if we have 10 questions, we want to know how many people completed form, fell off on question 9, fell off on question 8, and so on.

The next question is how do we create a recommendation system for a user based on their inputs. So back to the example above, if a user was part of category X + Y, they’ll have a page on the app that lists out recommendations based on those criteria.

Any tutorials or examples would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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