Using scrapped data from Google Maps?


I want to display shops on a map and have base details (name, address, phone, latitude, longitude, etc…) and ratings/reviews displayed. These information can be displayed on a map or on individual store pages.

I would like to populate the service with the right and existing information so it is not empty at launch. I investigated automating this through the Google places API but it is out of my league skill and budget wise at this point. Since this is a POC I am exploring other ways to feature the information I need.

I came across a tool named outscraper that seems to be doing that very easily. Results can be stored on various formats.

Is it worth it and will I be able to use the data efficiently on Bubble?

Are there some resources I can consult to integrate the data on the map and create the stores pages? Preferably automating everything if possible.

Many thanks for reading and for any help, advice, opinion.

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