Using Search & Autocorrect in a reusable element?

I’m attempting to build a searchable dropdown list using a combination of in input element, repeating group in a group focus, and the Search and Autocorrect plugin.

This is what it looks like when search is underway, in this case searching for “rs”:

It almost works the way I need it to. However, I tried to put the combination into a reusable element and it seems that the ID Attribute of the Input is not addressable in the Search & Autocorrect element.

Is it that ID attributes aren’t addressable within a reusable element (or from within)? Or is there something else I’m missing?

Have you tried doing inspect element on chrome to see if your id tag comes up anywhere?

That’s where I’d start

This is where I’m really getting in over my head. Not really knowing anything about this, I did some rummaging around like so:

image / More tools > / Developer tools

et voila:

Too much red, and I don’t have any idea what it means.

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Stay in the elements Tab & hit CTRL+F to bring up a search bar.

Then search for your element’s ID tag.

Keep in mind this is only the beginning to diagnosing the issue

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