Using states to control navigation - issue with "hide when not visible" lagging

Hi guys!

I generally use states to control visibility, especially on single page applications.

In this example, you can see that when I click one of the navigation buttons, there is a slight delay between one modal/element being hidden and the other becoming visible. What that means is that the container “modal” expands and the animation doesn’t look great.

I’ve tried adding pauses in the workflows, but that doesn’t help. It was always going to be a long shot.

Any solves for this?

Here’s a 6-second video of the issue.

Here’s a screenshot of my workflow action:

Here’s a screenshot of my conditional visibility setting:


You changing just text and image so you need just change the image source and text’s body depending on the condition.
When the Group page is 4
Image source: //
and etc

Thanks, I have thought of doing that as an alternative but there are some instances in the app where I do need to change out full modals so would like a solve for this if anyone has one.

Then set a fixed height and width and check out how it’s works
also, you can make RG with 1 row and column and call from DB those data just showing the next page of RG

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