Transition for visibility condition

I have element inside of repeating group that I can’t reference. I want to show the elements inside of repeating group with a slight delay like I have the group focus ‘Add to Story’.

There is another way to make this work? @neerja

A possible workaround changing your transition time. Try something like 500ms step-end. The problem is that it will also take 700ms to disappear. At least it won’t trigger if you mouse out fast enough.

There is no option to control this for visibility from condition, I couldn’t use animation from workflow because it was in a repeating group.

I have solved this now using a reusable element but that come with different problems and crazy other logic for the button press.

If it helps you can use opacity 0 as so:


This is the outcome:


Just curious about one thing though. How do you get your GroupFocus animations to not break? When I use that method, if the user interrupts the show animation with the hide animation the group moves over a few pixels and it looks bad. Have you found a fix?

– EDIT - I see, you set an Isanimating state. Thanks! –


Thanks for suggestion it is working but I will have to make all element in group like this. This is not so much any issue anymore now though, I have more control from reusable workflow.

Edit: I was just told by other person working on the app we didn’t use this because it interrupts the animation transition hover for button that goes to a darker blue.

The animations doesn’t break with using the state for certain animations (perfect) but if you make the animation something that changes dimensions like expand in, it might still break.