Using Stripe plugin without saving users to database

Hello! We’re building an app using our own database and connecting it through the API connector plugin.
I’ve been using the official Stripe plugin to make subscriptions, but noticed that the user’s information is stored into the bubble database. I do not want this, since I would like to have the users added to our backend. Is there a way to avoid this problem? Should I look into stripe.js? Or should I just use API connector and webhooks and avoid plugins altogether?
I’m new to programming so tips would be greatly appreciated! :dizzy:

Using the Bubble Stripe plugin automatically creates a Stripe Customer ID field on every user and you can’t stop this. But I have two questions:

  1. Is it a problem if the customer IDs are in the Bubble DB? You can still create the necessary data on your own database. Just don’t use the customer IDs saved in Bubble

  2. If you’re not very technical, is there a good reason for using your own external database? Bubble’s DB sure isn’t perfect but it does make it easy to integrate and interact with.

Also, I tend to use the API connector to interact with Stripe, it just gives much more flexibility than plugins.

@georgecollier Thank you for your answer!

Regarding your questions:

  1. It is, because we don’t want to have users saved in 2 different places, we want them to be accessible to us only through our backend

  2. Yes I am no expert with coding but I’m working with experienced devs, and since I am the one using Bubble as a middle-woman I still have to understand what to do and report it to them!

About using API connector, I’ve read many posts here of people using it but to me it seemed quite a big workload, and since I’m trying to lighten it up for devs I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this myself, using the Stripe plugin.

Yesterday I’ve tried using stripe.js 2 and it worked really well for me (AND didn’t create users in the DB!), it’s just a bit hard to navigate because I couldn’t find resources other than the paid courses. Are there any and I’m just not seeing them?

I’m confused - you can just choose not to access the Bubble users?

But the best solution is not using the Bubble Stripe plugin. Setting up the API Connector isn’t that difficult. You probably only need a few API calls set up. But if you find Stripe.js simpler then go for it. I have a hunch that the documentation there is limited because they make their money on the courses.