Using two dropdowns to filter a repeating group with data from sheety api

Hello! I need help with the following situation;

I am using a repeating group to get data from a google sheets with the columns: TYPE and NAME.

I am using two dropdowns to filter data according to the type and name selected and I want the NAME dropdown to chance its available choices everytime a the TYPE dropdows has a value selected.

How can I do it?

@arturcampos29 you can do something like this in the conditionals of the dropdown set it to change to specifics. You can make the same also with dynamic values.

hey @arturcampos29!

I have replicated your case very quickly using a test sheet I have. Check it out:

All you have to do is to filter the data source of the Name dropdown by the type dropdown’s value and ignore empty constraints.

Or you can use conditions like @Clasicwebtools to set specific values for names when a specific type(s) is selected.

Hope this helps!

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