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Using Zapier to trigger a series of POSTs in Bubble. Unsure about formatting


I’m using the Zapier integration with Bubble. Highly recommend it!

One thing though, I’m running into an error and I’m trying to figure out if the error that I’m seeing is on the Zapier end or the Bubble end.

I’m using Zapier to trigger a Bubble API workflow (zapier_trigger_r) that fires a series of POSTs. Like so:

I know that the POSTs work as I’ve tested them with static data. Now, I’m replacing the static data with real data from my database and running into a Zapier error.

The dynamic inputs look like this:

Zapier chokes:

I can get the zap to work by enclosing the text fields in quotes. Like so,

The issue then becomes that these added quotes are passed with the POST. And, I believe this is why the POST is returning a failed (null) response.

Have others ran into this same formatting issue? If so, how did you solve for it? Is it a Bubble issue or an issue with the Zapier-Bubble integration?

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