Version Test Sitemap Not Working Google Console

Hey Bubblers,

Been trying all night to get this to work without any luck - any ideas? I get a sitemap in Google but I changed and included a new page and it is not updating on the sitemap.

Thanks for your help!

Sitemaps have been a bit bugged for a while.

Seemed to me that the test one was pointed to the live, or something.

Must get round to doing a bug report some time.

So yes, if may well be broken.

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Hey @NigelG
Bugged in which way?

There was certainly an issue with test not being updated when a page was added. But then updated when pushed to live.

Right so live version site maps should be ok?

Sort of. See here.

Thanks Nigel, as always your the man!!
Hoping your well!!

Doing good. Hope you are too.

39 degrees C here today … any tips :crazy_face:

Yeah I saw there was a heat wave. A friend of mine was just in from Bristol and we went sailing in the Whitsundays which is the photos of paradise you often see of Australia with the white sands and blue water. It literally rained every day and was 10c.

The world is upside down.

My advice, throw on some shorts, find a beach and fire up this bbq

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