Very hard to delete 5000 rows from database table

I’ve created a button and a workflow on frontend to delete a list of all items of certain table. in has 5000 rows.

It’s very hard, it breaks each 300-500 rows.

How can I do this easily?

You can create a recursive workflow to do this



Recursive WF. Or use Parabola.

It is ridiculous that Bubble are flagging my apps that have too many rows…but don’t give you a way to delete them that actually works :thinking: :smiley:

Hi @NigelG precisely what do you mean by “bubble are flagging my apps”?

“Your app, aaaaa, started off as just a glimmer of an idea in your mind, but now it’s grown into something real! It’s currently on the Free plan, which means it can have up to 200 Things in the database - and it’s now hitting this cap. Apps which have hit the cap will no longer save any new Things to the database, so consider upgrading today.”

Oh ok. That had me worried there.
I’m on a professional plan for ours. But I’m about to have a LOT of data.