Video API Recommendations?


I need to allow clients to upload video files and have them transcoded and made available to our buyers via a secure portal. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a templated version of something like this possible? If you have run into this need, is there a particular API you suggest?




Can you please specify

  • What kind of transcoding you require (output formats) ?
  • Why do you need to transcode ?
  • Synchronous (live) or asynchronous (upload and come back when done) transcoding ?

What are the average and maximum video size ?


Hi - mp4 is ideal. File size - maybe 20mb for a 3-4 minute file? That’s perfectly ok. 720p seems to be what I prefer.

File sizes can vary with some clients having to send us files that can range up to 1gb. These are files that are usually an average of a bout 4 minutes in length.

I’m thinking I might be able to achieve what I need with Vimeo. Or the AWS solutions.

It would be nice if the API could add a title - the client’s name for instance for a few seconds at the beginning.

Once our clients files are uploaded, we’d then be able to approve it and send a link to it to our buyers. They would be played an a nice simple password protected page and would have the ability to download a mp4 copy of the file for their records.

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Hi Ryan, I found an article which have the video call features of top Voice call API providers. Hope it will give you a clarification :

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