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Video Streaming Analysis capability

Hi Bubble community!

Any ideas about the possible means to implement a video stream analysis logic?
The concept is that user is streaming the video via the Bubble application, and based on some events captured and analyzed in that video feed, do certain actions.

For example - user smiled, and we react to that with an event.

I did see a few APIs and even a working plugin that provides face detection\recognition, but it only works with uploaded (still) images.

So I was thinking of either a full end-to-end video stream analyzer, or a way to capture the screenshots of a video, e.g. every 0.5 seconds and upload them to the images recognition API for the analysis.

But I could not think of anything on top of my head to implement that :slight_smile:
Any ideas from community gurus?

Sounds complex and likely beyond the scope of Bubble but perhaps someone in the community will have an idea beyond my knowledge and/or ability.

Additionally, there may be a way to do something like this with other apps using their APIs and then use Bubble as the business logic layer that connects the information, triggers the APIs, displays the resulting outcome, etc.

Would love to hear where you’re able to get with this because I can imagine wanting to do something similar with our app.

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