Video streaming from camera to bubble app

Hello everyone,

I need to record 24/7 my garden and displaying it into a bubble app (possible with free account).

Can anybody give me some tips about how to do it? I could buy a camera online but then I don’t know how to transmit the live streaming on the bubble app.

Actually, would be nice to also have the chance to control the start and stop of recording, and have the chance to download specific recordings.

Can anybody help me with this task?

Thank you in advance!


To do something like this in Bubble, you’d need custom code (probably a plugin) that is capable of creating a mediaStream and sending the video/audio data to a streaming endpoint, ideally as an RTMP and then you’d load that endpoint URL as an m3u8 file through a player which will play the stream.

MUX is capable of receiving the data and returning the endpoint URL to use inside any video player which can handle m3u8 file types. It optimizes the streams so they will work nicely for all browser types (including Safari which is have their own rules for video types and playback). To start the recording and send the data, my own plugin can do it and there might be others also. Do a search for “stream” in the plugin store and see what you can find. The videoJS Advanced plugin might be a bit overkill for what you actually need here.

Hope that helps a little bit.

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