Viewing (office) documents through jit-conversion (demo)

Hi All,

I have been using this on a private app for quite a while, but i decided to see if this is something worth turning into a public plugin, a first iteration is visible via:

Document viewer (bugs guaranteed)

What it is: A viewer for Office files that will work on any file/url (also on premise), and if not will offer a chance to download the file instead.

More technically: The viewer tries to perform just-in-time backend rendering - and when complete, stores the preview for later use.

Feel free to create folders/subfolders & upload documents to see how it works.

Interested to hear if this is usefull (because it will take quite some time to make this universal usable).

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Definitely useful in niche use-cases or CMS / internal tools.
I can already think of a few Bubble apps I’ve worked with that will find this interesting.
Let me know once this is ready and I’ll be happy to share it with them!

I second its usefulness. I could probably utilize it in an app I am making