Vimeo API Issue

I’m just starting to work with the Vimeo API for an app I’m working on, and I’ve come across an issue which is slowing me down a bit.

Initially, after having read through all the Vimeo API documentation, I thought I had it all figured out, but once I started working in Bubble I couldn’t get anything to work or any data to display.

After much frustration and a lot of experimentation, it turns out the Vimeo API doesn’t work as a ‘data’ call, but works perfectly as an ‘action’.

I was hoping to use the Vimeo API as a data call in many cases, so I could call in videos, folders, etc from my Vimeo account, and display them in my app.

Obviously I can work around it by using workflows on page load with the API as an ‘action’ to display certain data in certain elements, but for a few things I would have preferred to be able to use the ‘Get Data From API’ options within the pages of my app.

Does anyone have any experience working with the Vimeo API in Bubble?

If so, is it by design that the API only works as an action and not a data call, or is there some issue with the API or Bubble that is preventing it working as a data call?

Or am I missing something simple somewhere that’s preventing the data call option? I’ve worked with API data calls before, so know how it should work.

It just seems strange, as the API call itself is working fine (the raw data shows everything is being pulled in) but when trying to display data in Bubble using ‘get data from API’ no data is shown.

As I said already, when using the call as an action and displaying the data in the element first, all data is shown correctly.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.


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Hello Adam, did you figured out how to do it? thanks

Hi napo, did you figure it out?