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Login with Vimeo - Cannot get data

Hi guys

I have created a plugin which allows users to login with their Vimeo account
The call has been successfully initiated in the plugin editor but, when i use it in front-end, i cannot get any data. Any idea why?

What data type is your group? Your data to display is currently sending a text (the profile name), so the group should be a type text and then a text element inside would be “parent group’s text”.

Also, instead of using the plugin call to retrieve the logged in User’s data, you could also do “Current User’s Vimeo’s [XYZ]” to retrieve those data pieces because they’ve authorized your app with their credentials already in whatever workflow you have the signup/login flow. So those fields should already be available.

Hi @romanmg . What you have described above, works ok.

The next thing we want to do:
We are creating a plugin for Vimeo and it seems there is a issue with how the data is accessed in Bubble.

We have authenticated (and authorized) the Bubble app with OAuth2 in Vimeo (with our API), and we defined some API calls in “API Calls” plugin tab. We get the data from Vimeo in this step, it is fine.
The issue is this: we try to display the data we receive from these API calls in Bubble workflows (as seen bellow), but we do not receive any data in this step (even if in the API calls we get the data).

The second question is how we can access the API call data (and call a specific API Call) in the plugin code, so we can use that data in making custom display and other custom processing in the plugin, not the Bubble workflows.

Basically what we want to do is similar to Ziggeo plugin, which will allow our users to upload videos on our Vimeo account

Any idea? Thanks for your time

If you make the call as data, how do you want it to be shown as an action? It should be an action, and your screenshot shows ‘data’

Hi Emmanuel
Thanks for reply

We have changed it to action but we get the following error:

Is there something we need to change in the OAuth2 user agent flow?

We got it working! Thanks