Want To Quote To Put Bubble App on Apple & Google App Stores?

If you are interested to take my Bubble App and put it on Apple & Google App Stores, please quote here.

It is a multipage app. I dont fully understand the single page native stuff. Dont worry about making it a single page app.

So I just want my multipage app wrapped with something like phonegap and then the app submitted to the app stores.

I assume I can have a multipage app, it just wont be ‘as native’ as it could be?

Thanks in advance.


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I haven’t published a mobile app, but I believe it has to be all on one page using groups. In the property editor of that single page is a checkbox where you check that this page is a going to be the native mobile app, and have the page dimensions designed for mobile. I’d highly recommend @natedogg’s course on this through his teaching app Codeless Academy. Nate explains everything you need to know about how to do this and has helped Users launch mobile apps of their own through the app stores. I have only taken his Stripe course but it was extremely helpful! Definitely check those out, and there are some posts throughout the forum about showing and hiding groups using custom states. Custom states will help to manage the different views of your app’s Content that a User sees as they move through your app.

I also remember a thread in the forum for an organization called Thunkable which talked about converting websites to mobile apps, but I’m not sure how many Bubblers have used that method.

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Thanks Fay but I am happy to pay someone to do it.

Im sure you can wrap any web app (Bubble or otherwise) in phonegap or iconic. Thats all I want for my MVP.

A native app is done through a single page - typically the index - by showing and hiding groups. Instead of pages like a website - you are showing and hiding groups. I took classes through Go.codefree.co to learn how to write my app. The codelessacademy looks great too!

Hi Graeme,

I will be happy to assist you, please add me on Skype: cis.scott so we can discuss further.
Have hands on experience with Ionic & phonegap.

Please write me at scott.cisin20@gmail.com

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Scott W.

Does it have many pages? Is it something that can be converted into a single page fast? Personally I love making my web apps single page as they act similar to native apps but in the browser. If your app is not too complex perhaps it could be converted quickly.


Hi @graeme.cox ,

Pm’d you. Hope I still can help :slight_smile: