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Display user's login name

I am attempting to display the user’s name at the top of the page. When the user gets to this page, they have already logged in. Is there a way to query the database and tell it to display the current user’s name?

Thanks for any assistance!

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@swvann - have you explored the tutorials (lessons and videos) yet? That should cover your questions.

The “Current User” follows throughout the app. You’re able to call on the Current User’s data on any given page (in the expression editor, in the creation of workflows, etc) when selecting “Current User” from the list of options.

See also:

Thanks @dan1. I noticed that feature after submitting to the forum! I appreciate the prompt response. The Bubble community is awesome.

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I did the above…I have a login page, after which…the logged-in user goes to a new page to sign other types of users up. anytime a new user is signed up…it changes the name of the currently signed-in user to the name of the new user who was just added…any help?

Logged-in user registers other users, right?
Check in your Workflow whether you are just signing up the new user or also logging him/her in.

Thanks a million for your response.
yes, logged in user registers other users.
I have checked and I do not log in the new user when I sign them up.

I’m doing something similar to this
Logged in user creates accounts for new users from his/her account.
Are you using “Create an account for someone else”?

No please, I’m not sure I know what that is, can you please provide a description of how to do same. I’m guessing you’re not encountering this very challenge I am having.

In the Workflow of signing up the new user, under “Accounts”, there’s a thing called “Create an account for someone else”. When you’re creating account for someone else, you need to use this option instead of regular “Sign up”.

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Thanks an awesome million…I’m a noob to bubble…thanks for the guidance…I really appreciate it…I’ll give it a try and revert.

Sure man
Even I’m a noob, but getting used to it.
All the best!

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Thanks a million. It worked! Wish you all the very best also.

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