Wappler vs bubble vs webflow for Saas creation

Hello everyone, hope y’all are doing well. I am completely new to the no code community.
I am working with another friend we want to create a SaaS for writers, we already have to audience we are just creating for our own group (first time authors) we want something that has sign up page with multiple options paid and free, then something like Google doc but that has a novel writing format, when writing we want something like grammerly that lets you know if you have miss spelled something and gives you suggestions, we also have something like the Google read and write, where if you select something and makes it text to speech and also speech to text. So it has to be that each user can only access what they are working on. Now I am a student so pricing is a big deciding factor, what can I use to build this, bubble, wappler or webflow if it’s possible with webflow. The good thing i like about wappler is the option to export code which bubble doesn’t have but bubble has a free version which wappler doesn’t have unless there is one and it’s not showing up on the landing page, I have some experience with the business side of things and how they are run but not much technical.
I would really appreciate any and all feedback.

Because cost is a concern, you have nothing to lose by trying Bubble for free first. I think Bubble makes things relatively easy for no-code, while (in my very subjective opinion) the other platforms are somewhat difficult for no-coders

Another free platform (that also exports code and lets you create full native apps without using Android studio or iOS studio) is AppGyver. However, you will have to use AirTable or some other DB.

In contrast, the DB is built into Bubble, and that simplifies things quite a bit. User management (sign up, etc) is also easier to implement because a lot of functions are natively provided in Bubble.

Another tip is to read a few forum posts on different platforms to get a feel for how responsive and friendly the community is to your questions.

Low-coders (or full coders) may well have a different perspective. Performance has been a big debate, and I won’t get into that aspect. For me, it’s been fine so far.

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Thank you, I been reading watching and listening to people about all the stuff, I did checkout AppGyver but it looked like they only do native apps, I need to create something that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.
Also a lot people on forum said that the stuff they created with bubble were very slow.

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I think your issue will be creating the actual writing tool. What you are describing is a fully functional word processor, and I’m not aware of any low/no-code platform that provides one natively. There wouldn’t be a need to do so, since people can already use Google docs or Microsoft Word for free or near free, and use the associated cloud storage to share those docs with others or collaborate.

If you are looking to provide something in addition to a word processor, then maybe there’s a way to use a low/no-code platform to provide that and integrate with Google docs or Microsoft Word for the writing part.

Yes, I will need word processing I a. Not sure if that is hard to make with no code but on top of the word processor I want to have something like grammerly and speech to text and text to speech would that be possible.

Something like This but on top of it the other stuff, this looks similar to google docs so I am not sure if they are using docs or they coded their own.

I could be wrong, but the app you refer to feels like coding and development land.

Yeah I think so, so then no luck on creating something like that?
If I were to integrate google docs then will I be able to do the rest with no code like the speech to text and text to speech and grammerly functions.
Also will google be ok with that if I use their docs? Has anyone done it before?

Can’t say with certainty whether it’s doable low/no code or not, just that in all the hunting around and low/no-code platforms I’ve used (Bubble is #4 for me), I haven’t run across anything that would allow building a fully functional word processor. I doubt it exists for the reason I explained, but you could do some searching on places like Product Hunt and Capterra to see if there’s anything there.

Out of the platforms I’ve used (of which Webflow is one), Bubble is the most powerful so far. If you’re starting your app development journey, I think it’s worth it to start by learning a platform, since it will teach you things about building websites, database structures, sign-in processes and user management, etc. Regarding how competing writing platforms are built, I recall hearing about tools that can look at a website and identify which CMS was used to build it, so maybe that’s an option if you don’t have access to a tech person who can help you evaluate options.

Thanks appreciate the feedback I will definitely look into it an ask around more.
You said bubble is number 4 for you would mind sharing the other ones with us

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