Bubble vs Dreamweaver (wappler)

Hi all,
I’m new here and so far I like Bubble even though I’m still learning. I’m in the early beginner stages. But I have one question… How does Bubble compare to Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is basically a fancy code-editor. Sure, it has some WYSIWYG-functionaly, but in the end, you’re still coding. Also, Dreamweaver is meant for front-end design (what a site looks like) – and not for back-end work (saving / editing data, simply said).

Bubble does both: You design your front-end and back-end with a visual editor (so no coding at all).

Hope that makes sense. Cheers!


Thanks robbertmastebroek… I also asked the question on their site and they’ve directed me to Wappler, saying that they have Dreamweaver users who export their projects from Dreamweaver and into Wappler to finish the backend… which it looks like Wappler is trying to position itself as a Bubble competitor it seems.

ROFL nice way to push your platform here Wappler!
I’m adding this guerrilla marketing method to my book :smiley:

Anyway, welcome to the no-code ecosystem. Congrats on the 2.0 release. The more the merrier. Shame you had to use this shady method :wink:

You could at least post a promo code :rofl:

Oh sorry JonL I’m not a Wappler guy… I’m very actively learning Bubble and have a few app ideas. Initially I didn’t know which way to turn and thought the two original products I asked about was similar, but Rob gave me the right answer on my questions I had. I asked the question on Adobe’s site as well and they said the exact same thing Rob said.

I only mentioned Wappler because it looks interesting. But actually after doing more digging around, it looks like its only been around for like 10 months or so… I’m not interested in using brand new tools that may have a lot of bugs in. And I don’t know any published projects that’s successfully used Wappler. So while they talk a good game. I’ve decided to use Bubble, something tried and true and has a great reputation…

Sorry if it looked like if I was pushing their product, I was not…

Don’t worry. I’m going to try it anyway and most probably a lot of people from here will(at least if it doesn’t get removed soon).

This is full of early adopters and there is enough space in the no-code world for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you around here…or else :wink:

Haven’t heard from them yet. But looking at the language they’re using on their site it’s definitely a fool more focussed on tech-savvy people. Bubble on the other hand is really trying to be a tool for everyone, no matter if you’re a tech or a business savvy person.

There’s a space for both I think! Always good to see more companies getting into the no-code movement! :clap:

Wappler looks pretty good. Will give it more of a go.

Yea! Especially because it’s possible to export and view the code and run it on an own server and even on an own database while developing.

I have been doing some research.

Wappler is a spin-off from dmxzone which is a well known developer of Dreamweaver extensions.

The guy packaged his extensions into a WYSIWYG editor and created wappler.

It’s a Dreamweaver on steroids providing backend logic. I would say that it caters to the same people that like Bubble but don’t mind getting their hands dirty fiddling with operations (deployment, integration, database, server set-up/maintenance, etc)

It’s a good addition to no-code but it’s probably not as user friendly as Bubble for non-developers.

Sidenote: It seems OP is legit. He/she wasn’t trying to push Wappler but I am glad he/she did. Apologies @wwashington0001


Thanks JonL

After you posted I went back and read what I wrote and it did seem like I was here to push Wappler so I immediately took the link off and slightly changed wording. I’m just trying to see what tools are out there and see what works best for me. That’s all…

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But you must admit it was one hell of a marketing tactic. Even if it wasn’t intended :smiley:

Do you have a winner after scouting?

When I was doing my research (and I did a lot) on which platform to use for this latest project it came down between Wappler and Bubble. I am surprised to find that the two communities don’t seem to be too aware of each other because it does seem to me to be serving the same market.

I assume that this is because Wappler is rather young. But they did hit the ground running due to the established Dreamweaver / DMXzone user base.

I ended up going with Bubble because with Wappler, you have to know what you’re doing to set up the server and database, etc. Of course, some will see this as an advantage. Wappler also has a native Mobile solution which is very attractive.

I am really appreciating what I can do with Bubble right now. But still I am rather platform agnostic, so I intend to keep an eye on Wappler.


Just took a look at wappler and it looks very impressive.
After skimming through several videos I think its a very solid no-code product suited more for traditional coders/programmers. You need to have an understanding of how to setup your own server and database (e.g. php mysql).
I just skimmed through a video tutorial of setting up a login screen and the video was over 1hr.
Doing a similar setup in bubble will have taken about 5mins.

So the way I see it, wappler currently is more suitable for traditional full stack developers who want greater control of their server and database setup.
If you don’t have previous programming and web development background you will really struggle to get anything useful done in wappler.
But if you are, you will be able to cut down your development time very significantly.

In my opinion, if you’re not a programmer/traditional full-stack web developer stick to bubble.
Even if you are I can’t see why you will want to switch from bubble to wappler. The only winner I see for wappler seems to be their support for creating native mobile apps.

But there is a lot bubble can take from wappler though in terms of the ease of buidling responsive UI using pre-made components (element groups) like the way the AirDev Canvas pages/groups work.


I agree that the 2 biggest advantages Wappler has is a native app option built in, and a more traditional css layout model. I also agree that the technical skill required for Wapler is where the decision will come down for most people. As I understand it, they intend to continue to lower the bar to entry in that regard.

I’ve been aware of Wappler since it was funded on Indiegogo. Currently, I think that Bubble - despite its quirks, idiosyncrasies, and deficiencies - has the edge as a “higher level” development tool.

I’ve also been keeping an eye on Infinable, and today is the first time I’ve visited the site to find an “under maintenance” notice, so maybe some progress is actually being made.

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I’ve chatted a few times with the gentleman who is running Infinable. He has a great vision for the platform. I’m building on the platform, slowly but surely, and it does some things really well. I haven’t used Wappler yet, but it’s intriguing and might be worth an experiment. You know, with all the oodles of free time I have :roll_eyes:


Bubble in shape still has some kind of knowledge to it. Yes it had no coding but you need to figure out to use the inputs and outputs to know how to make a proper good website with complex things. Still nice and beautiful to use bubble

If anyone’s interested in an ex-Bubbler’s take on Wappler, check out this blog post. (They are two very different animals.)

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No question about it, you either need to come in with, or need to commit to, learning to something closer to “real” programming to use Wappler. Personally, I’d like to expand my knowledge in that area, so I plan to use it some.

That being said, I NEVER would have gotten my application to where it is today without Bubble. Pretty incredible.