⚠️Warning to Bubble Developer Certification Exam takers⚠️

I just took the exam… I’m going to share my thoughts on it elsewhere; this post, however, is to warn about an unexpected behavior of the exam that can signfigantly impact your score.

As per general exam best practices, I “skipped”* some questions, intending to return to them once I finished all the other questions. After answering the last question, I started going in reverse order from question 90 to 89 to 88, etc. (unfortunately, navigation to a specific question is not available). I changed the answers to questions I skipped and continued going in reverse order. Only as time was running out did I realize that clicking the “previous” button (which I did to continue going in reverse order) does not save changes made to the answer!

Takeaway: If you change an answer on the Bubble Developer Certification exam, click “Next” to save your change even if you want to go to the previous question (which you can navigate to after clicking Next by clicking the previous button 2x).

*not a true skip as some answer is needed to go to the next question


Yikes, @code-escapee, that doesn’t sound good. I don’t really think you can write a bug report for that one, so I will bring it to Bubble’s attention behind the scenes in case they don’t know about it already.


Yeah, I wasn’t looking for a bug report but just to provide a heads-up to future test takers.

Perhaps this behavior should be added to the exam instructions?

Perhaps… but it would probably be better if they just address it. To that effect, it has already been brought to the attention of their education team, and they are looking into it.


:ok_hand: good to hear.

Thank you @code-escapee for flagging this. This is indeed an issue with our provider and we’ve escalated this to them. In the meantime, we’ve also included a notice about this behavior for users to see before they begin the exam.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention!