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Was there a change made to custom element state?

I have an application in production on stable releases. About 1-2 hours ago (without any changes deployed by me) it stopped working as expected. I traced it to workflows I have that append items to a custom element’s state property which is a list of texts. Originally, I had expressions setting element state to “This Custom Definitions.item_state:plus item”. This has worked for 9 months. Today it stopped working and I had to switch it to explicitly naming the custom element instead of using the “This Custom Definition”.

So @bubble - was this a recent change?

By the way, this is one of my least favorite features of Bubble - you have a working site, you do nothing, it breaks and you’re stuck in a panic trying to figure out what changed. I usually rush to see if I can reproduce outside my main page, if so I submit ticket. If not, I have to figure out another way to accomplish what I was doing and then hope I found all the effected areas.

I recently submitted a bug report about this very thing. It only seems to be affecting custom states using date/time for me but I haven’t really thoroughly tested other custom states. I need to be able to confirm that custom states won’t be able to display information properly on a text element once the app goes live.

This is definitely frustrating. There are changes being made that can potentially break a production app or cause existing logic to stop functioning properly. This really should be something that’s pushed through version controls or at the very least a continuously updated changelog we have access to on the fly.

It would be extremely useful to directly reply to any changes that cause things to break or stop working properly so they can be immediately addressed.

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