Who knows how to find "missing element state" that isn't really missing?

I have a problem that started showing up in my app recently. It’s in an area that used to work but is now failing. I’ve looked carefully at the workflows and cannot see evidence of a missing custom state.
Here’s the pertinent bit of the log:

It reports the error in the iconChkDone is clicked workflow. This workflow is the one that triggers Set Next DateDue. My guess is that the error actually occurred in Set Next DateDue. It is actually two levels deep, i.e. iconChkDone is clicked triggers Create Next Action which triggers Set Next DueDate.

In other words, I think the error is reported as occurring in iconChkDone is clicked because it’s the highest level, but it actually happened two levels deep.

I’ve looked carefully at every step in the workflows and don’t see what might be interpreted as a missing element state.

Are there any tricks for tracking down this kind of problem?
Is it possible that Bubble has actually lost track of a custom state through copying pages to create minor variants?
Am I wrong that Bubble’s reference to “element state” really means “custom state”?

---- Update after a couple of hours removing steps and manually adding them back.

(Just for the record, what the user sees of this error is this:


Here’s the step that is causing the problem:


If I replace the circled bit with 1, it works. The custom state wDaysToAdd is referenced successfully in previous steps where its value is set.

I’ve dissected thing as well as I can and this seems to be the cause. But the reality is that the custom state is in fact available.

What can I do to get around this?

Since I just couldn’t let this rest, I spent another half-hour or so completely replacing the custom state: I deleted the custom state and added a new one with a different name. Then, I fixed all of the issues that resulted. Then, I deleted the workflow step, added a new one and manually rewrote the value statement.

Voila! The same error occurs.

I really suspect this is a bug in Bubble. That statement has worked for months. Now, it may be the cause of errors that are occurring in other pages that used to work.

I will report this as a bug, but if any of you developers may know what’s going on, please chime in.

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This afternoon I received acknowledgement from Bubble that there is a bug. Hopefully, they’ll have a fix soon, like today. Otherwise I’ll have to do surgery to remove the feature that is broken by this bug.

With cancer, sometimes removal is the best option, even if it’s debilitating.

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